January 13, 2015What can I expect from my Architect?

Before we start discussing this question, it would be worthwhile mentioning that along with the other advice regarding choosing your Architect/Technologist a critical element is to make sure that you like them! This may seem like stating the obvious, but the initial meeting will give you an opportunity to see if you connect and more importantly it will give you an incline if you can work together. Having a good working relationship with them will give you peace of mind that your dream will be delivered.

so you have decided to bite the bullet and build your dream kitchen extension, you have selected your Architect/Architectural technologist in Dundee, Aberdeen and you are good to go.

But what should you expect from your Architect?

this will depend on to what extent that you have employed your chosen Architect/Technologist, for example you might have hired them on a ‘drawings only’ basis where your architect in Dundee or Aberdeen will be employed to provide just drawings along with specification, perhaps to obtain statutory approval be it a building warrant or planning permission. You may have employed them to include preparing competitive tender documentation, alternatively they may be present during the construction phase all of which will be reflected in the fee.
What you should bear in mind is that there are no hard and fast rules as to the extent of the services that you’re Architect in Dundee, Aberdeen (or anywhere) can provide, this is up to the client and Architect to agree.

What must be very clear right at the outset though is how much this will cost, a reputable Architect will be transparent with his fees, providing written information and detailing these fees, it is helpful and is good practise if they can also detail what is not included, for example local authority fees and other professional services that may be required
A very important quality for an Architect is to be a good listener, whilst appreciating that an Architect has a broad construction skillset a good Architect or designer will happily listen to their clients, after all it is the client’s project with which they will have to live but more importantly it is the client who is paying!

Finally I goes without saying that the very least you should expect from your Architect in Dundee or Aberdeen is that they are professional, courteous and have a can-do attitude towards their clients.