January 6, 2015Considering a construction project?

Considering a construction project?

its mabye something that you have discussed for many months, years even!
but now you want to get it started, to put your plan into action.

Where do you start? who should be your first port of call?

a Builder? a Surveyor? an Architect or an Architectural Technologist/Technician?

Certainly a good starting point would be to contact a reputable Architecural Technologist or an Architect,
most good ones will usually offer a free first consultation with no obligation.

But wait a minute, is an Architect and an Architectural Technologist the same thing? What do they do?
Do they offer the same service? Which one should i choose? Who is the most expensive? what can i expect from them?
These are frequently asked questions.

As City architecture conducts most of its business around Dundee,Aberdeen,perth & Kinross,Angus & Fife we
considered it appropriate to write concerning this and to do our best to answer these questions.

we will tackle these question and other issues over 2 or 3 blog posts as there is quite a lot to this.

First we will discuss the difference in say hiring an Architect in Dundee
as opposed to an Architectural Technologist in Dundee

What is the difference between an Architectural Technologist and an Architect?

Architectural Technologists and Architects are both qualified professionals and appropriately suited to managing a building
project from the initial concept design through to completion. The real difference is within the specialisms that they can
bring to a construction project. Architectural Technologists training and emphasis is the science and technology of architecture
whereas an Architect is trained with significance to be placed on the design and ideology of architecture.
Whilst it is accepted that both disciplines have their own distinct training and specialism, there is a considerable
and defenite overlap between the two professions. It would though be true to say that most individuals that work within
these professions have a passion and a love of architecture which is evidenced in their own unique styles of architecture.
The regulatory body for Architectural technology is The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (C.I.A.T)
Whilst the regulatory bodies for Architects are The Architects Registration Board (ARB) and The Royal institute of
British Architects (R.I.B.A). So while it is true that an Architectural Technologist or an Architect in Dundee or Aberdeen
are not the same thing, it would be true to say that both would be suitable construction professionals to hire and either could
comfortably guide you through a residential building project.

Need further information?

Architectural Technology
If you require further information regarding the role of an architectural Technologist
Please click here http://www.ciat.org.uk/blog

If you require further information regarding the role of an Architect(Explaining an Architects services)
Please click here www.arb.org.uk

So if you are seriously considering a building project, whether it be a garage conversion, loft conversion,
extension or a new build, who should you hire? in Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth & Kinross, Angus or Fife (or anywhere else for that matter)
In our opinion it does not matter whether it is an Architectural Technologist or an Architect, the best piece of advice would be to do your homework,
look for a recomendation from a friend or colleuge who has hired either an Architect or an Architectural Technologist and was pleased with their work.
Look for reviews(Be satisfied they are not fake reviews) and finally obtain 2 or 3 quotes.

In the next post we will look at why use an Architect or Architectural Technologist? What can i expect from Them?

Meantime Good Luck