January 6, 2015Why use an Architect/Technologist?

Why use an Architect/Technologist?


Pretty much without exeption our homes are our biggest asset, an asset we cherish
take pride in and an asset we want to protect. if you are considering a construction project_9670959_orig
whether it be a sunroom or a kitchen extension the intention generally is to enhance this asset, to improve it. Our homes are more than just an asset though, they provide security and shelter for your family and depending on your lifestyle and career, may also serve a multitude of purposes.

An architect or architectural designer will work with you to help you realise the aspirations that you have for your home be it a bold contemporary extension or an open plan re-work of yourexisting space to allow for more family and entertaining space.
an architect can help you be creative with the use of space, using the correct materials and with an eye for detail to create a visually stunning environment that you can enjoy.

An architect has the experience, technical skills and knowledge to turn your vision into a reality.

It may be tempting not to hire an architect in the hope of saving money, but the reality isthat an architect can add value to your project by bringing specialist knowledge and skills
to deliver a creative and original design.

An architect does more than produce fancy drawings, they provide “real world” advice such as…..



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Architect v Architectural Technologist