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January 25, 2015

What is Fabric First Construction?

What is Fabric first construction?   A ‘fabric first’ method of construction does exactly what it says on the tin: with priority being given to getting a dwellings fabric right, first and foremost it means to attain a well-built, air tight and energy efficient building. The class leader in terms of producing an energy efficient [ …more ]

January 16, 2015

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient homes   If you have decided to build a new house, you will find there is much to think about. How will you finance it? Can I find a suitable plot? Bungalow or two storey? Etc. Amongst all of this there is real concern over energy prices and what the future holds, rightly [ …more ]

January 13, 2015

Factors affecting the budget of a construction project

When should we discuss the Budget? What can affect the budget? How much will it really cost?   If you can take one thing away from this article it will hopefully be a realization that the budget is king, everything during the course of your construction project will revolve around this! There are many things [ …more ]

January 13, 2015

The Process of a construction project

In the last post we discussed what you could expect from an Architect/Technologist, now though we will elaborate on this and discuss the stages in a construction project from the initial concept through to the end result. Tackling a construction project fills many people with trepidation, making them nervous, sometimes this may be down to [ …more ]

January 13, 2015

What can I expect from my Architect?

Before we start discussing this question, it would be worthwhile mentioning that along with the other advice regarding choosing your Architect/Technologist a critical element is to make sure that you like them! This may seem like stating the obvious, but the initial meeting will give you an opportunity to see if you connect and more [ …more ]

January 6, 2015

Why use an Architect/Technologist?

Why use an Architect/Technologist?   Pretty much without exeption our homes are our biggest asset, an asset we cherish take pride in and an asset we want to protect. if you are considering a construction project whether it be a sunroom or a kitchen extension the intention generally is to enhance this asset, to improve [ …more ]

January 6, 2015

Considering a construction project?

Considering a construction project? its mabye something that you have discussed for many months, years even! but now you want to get it started, to put your plan into action. Where do you start? who should be your first port of call? a Builder? a Surveyor? an Architect or an Architectural Technologist/Technician? Certainly a good [ …more ]